A moody reader, a fickle blogger. 

if I have discovered something about myself is that, while I actually do read a lot, I’m very bad at keeping up with my blogging about it.

I have already done some damage to my reading lists, even when books series tend to trap me and delay me, but I also learn that I’m a very moody reader. Sometimes I feel like I simply can’t stop reading until I finish the story, and sometimes even then, I feel cheated. Like an addict that needs to know more about what happened afterwords.

But, sometimes, I just can’t continue. I take some breaks, switch up my books and try some other characters to lighten me up. Some times it happens because the story is too intense, or too sad, or too emotional. Some times I just don’t feel like I have the patience to read about what I already know must happen.

Some times, my mood just changes and I need something different. What leads me to having to review where I was at, when I get to return to a previously abandoned book.

I don’t know it this just happens to me, but I does get me to be reading  at least 2 books at any one time.. I think that’s mostly how (despite my work schedule) I’ve managed to move along this challenge.

Even so, sometimes I wish I could just stick to one single books until it’s done, and feel productive and efficient about it. But that just isn’t me, apparently.

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