My first pre-purchase

I’m a sucker for female heroines. IMG_0639

And while there is some sad things out there that attempt to miss-shape our self-image as women, I have to say that I found Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas to be rather real.

Celaena Sardothian is a fighter, a victim, a diva, a fashionista, a lover, a friend. She is disturbed, obsessed with pretty dresses, deathly, slightly broken, selfish and funny.

Who says women can’t be all those things?

I think it just makes her one of my favorite female characters. She feels complex and ready to the loved one second, hated the next and pitied in between.

imageAnd of course, there was Chaol. He was a major point for me to like this book, but not the only reason I moved I flew through the second and third.

My favorite so far, has been Heir of Fire, when we really come to understand Caelena for who she is. We all know that our past shapes us, but this is sadly and childhood-trauma true for my favorite assassin. And of course, the crazy magic and steadfast fae are not but bonuses for my good behavior.

This is the first time I have pre-purchased a book, but it was warranted. I refuse to fall victim to my lousy memory and wait more than necessary for the next part of this story. The future of Aderland is at stake!

It can’t come fast enough.



2 thoughts on “My first pre-purchase

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of reading this series since I’ve heard a fair bit of talk about it. I’m also a sucker for female heroines so think I will give it a go 🙂


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