Snipers & hookers

imageI read Otherwise Alone some time ago, and had been looking forward to the chance of reading Otherwise Occupied since the moment I finished the last page. But crazy schedule kept me from it for a long while.

One of the things I have loved about this summer break is the time it has afforded me to take a stab to all these books I had waiting for me to read them, and one of the firsts was this one.

I’m a tremendous fan of Shay Savage. I have read several if not all of her stories (available here) and I have been looking forward to her books as they have been coming out in later years, so I was already half-expecting the tortured-soul with heartwarming endearing traits.

But I was not expecting Evan Arden to be as perturbed as it was shown. He’s a war veteran and obviously would have some issues, but i was like watching him melt away. One  minute, he seems fine, and then he can’t sleep and you get all the hints of what actually happened to him as a POW… And you can feel Shay painting you a very UNPLEASANT picture.

You watch him break down slowly while he tries to ignore the signs that something is not quite right. It’s entrancing, in a i-might-not-be-a very-nice-person-for-enjoying-this kind of way.

And that ending!! It was hair-ripping. So dramatic!! I loved it!!

My favorite character? Odin.



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