All fun and games

I’m not sure if I should blame it on the very long books I finished just before this one, or what happened exactly, but Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card) felt rather quick. Then again, I barely slept yesterday and I’ve used it to escape from the family this weekend.

Of course, it could also be  that it is such an awesome book that it just felt like an appetizer.

To start with, I’m still shocked and traumatized by the fact that Andrew Wiggin is only 6 years old at the beginning of the story! I saw the movie, and to be honest, I was expecting something very alike, and I would have been excited. I loved that movie!!

But no. This was infinitely better. It was everything I loved about the movie and more things I couldn’t have thought to ask for. It was amazing

The enemy gate is down

But of course, there were things that I feel the need to harp on… And here come the things you should skip if you don’t want to be told how it all goes.

imageI don’t know how to feel about Valentine. Ender’s sister is convinced she’s such a good person, and maybe that was her biggest weakness, and her character makes complete sense to me in the big scheme of things, but the betrayal to her brother is unforgivable. At least in my opinion. But of course, it is part of Ender’s character, the same characteristics that took him as far as he went that allow him to love her still and all.

Maybe that’s why I’ll never be commander.

And there’s the geniusly crazy brother… Or was he crazily genius? … The absolute psychopathic mastermind that they created in the search of the perfect commander, risen to take over while all is in chaos. A perfect example of all the crimes and horrors they sired while under the shield of war time efforts. It was simply perfect.

There are a bunch of other books that go with this one, but I’ll skip them. I’m not saying that I won’t ever read them, because I might, but this one left me quite satisfied in all regards to Ender and I think it will be enough.

If you do read the whole series, or have already, feel free to share your opinions. I might be swayed to read them sooner rather than later.



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