“The better to eat you with, my dear”

imageOf course I was already hooked, from having read Cinder, but I really enjoyed Scarlet. More action and mystery that the previous one, what with the grandmother being missing and the strange soldiers just seeming to be there and being left wondering why hasn’t anyone seen them flying around when everyone is suppose to be looking for them… But there are also more answers.
Getting to know what actually happen to Cinder to make her as she is now felt important to me, and Wolf’s presence and his allegiance to her also seemed monumental somehow.image
Of course, I wouldn’t have said no to some more of Kai, but I guess watching him doubt and feel for the cyborg that was his friend was just right. He never backs down from his role and duties, and that in my book makes hI’m awesome.
At the end of my book came an excerpt of Cress and it totally grabbed me (that’s the one that follows in the series), but I took a look at my year countdown and I will never manage this challenge if I continue to deviate and follow all the series that I come across. Specially when the multiple-book series seems to be all the rage lately.
Where are the awesome stories that can be contained in just one book lately?
So, I’ll try and stick to my reading list and once the challenge is done (yes! I still refuse to believe I can’t do it!), then I will be absolutely coming back and finishing the series. I imagine by then even the fourth book, Winter, will be ready and I won’t even have to pause before getting to the ending.



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