Not a cat person

The place I work at has a small book-exchange library where everyone can take a book as long as you leave one in its place. Unfortunately, the books always seem to end up on a big pile over a couple of tables at the center of the room.

IMG_2380-0It is on this ever growing pile of books that never seems to find their way back onto the shelf nor follow their appropriate alphabetical order, where I first glimpsed Every Cat’s Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner.

And I just ignored it, really. After all, I’m not a cat person.Every Cat's Survival Guide by Beth Adelman

And it is not as if I have anything against cats. Not at all. I actually like them. It is just that mine has always been a dog household. No real reason to it, it is just the way it has been for as long I can remember.

The second time I came across this book was while I was boringly waiting for my next appointment with nothing to entertain me at all, and I simply grabbed it and look a quick look at he introduction.
It was so funny, I just took it home with me.

This is a self-help book for cats, to help them understand their people and how better to understand them and train them to do their bidding. Of course, I cannot relate to the idiosyncrasies of having a cat, but I kept thinking about my dog and how well HE has trained me over the years to always know what he wants. That just made it funnier.

As all the self-help books I’ve come by, thou, it tends to be a bit repetitive… But I guess that

Cats must always be dignified

DOES sound like something cats would repeat a lot, even when talking among each other.



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