Aren’t we all damaged?

… In one way or another.

While I was feeling very disappointed with myself about my issues with the not-so-adorable Madam Bovary, I decided to go back to one of my favorite authors and be comforted by a story I was familiar with.
So, I found myself reading Book Two and Three of the Caged Series.

The first one, Caged: Takedown Teague, was half funny and half slightly romantic… Even with the awkwardness, the truckload of mental and emotional issues both main characters have and the greatly disturbing details there at the end.

Book Two, Caged: Trapped, was all about Liam and his issues. I mean, this is a Savage book and you expect him to be quite dysfunctional, but THIS guy takes the prize.
If any of Shay’s characters has been psychiatric-institution-worthy is definitely Liam Teague. He is in need of some serious help. And if is until he meets Dr. Baynor that he starts to confront the idea that something may be actually wrong with him in the head.

And of course, everything starts to go downhill from there. One second it seems they have finally found stable ground and the next everything crumbles down and their relationship is over and Liam is back on drugs.
And when you think it just can’t get worst, we find our broken main character jobless, homeless and penniless.


But that’s really what took me over to the third and last book of the series without pausing. Caged: Released, is all about Liam’s struggle to get up and out from rock bottom… And it IS a struggle.
He isn’t magically cured from one moment to the next of ALL his issues, it takes lots of therapy and even medication… And that makes it feel like a journey you take with him.

I did feel the end of Tria’s pregnancy a bit rushed, but I imagine that watching them fight and battle his demons on every page would have been depressing.

One thing, though… What the hell was up with the trainer!? That one left me completely confused and feeling like I missed something.

Have you read the Caged series? Any guesses!?



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