What would our great grandparents think?

I keep asking myself what would get a book banned. And after reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence, I still have no idea.

On account of the title, I expected all kind of sordid and scandalous details on Lady Chatterley‘s sex life. And after all those penis and secret places, I have to ask…

If this could be considered sexually scandalous, what would our great grandparents think of modern erotica books?! All BDSM and stuff?!

I can’t even imagine.

Is some sexual reference all it took to ban a book? I would think old morality would have found other things some objectionable, like its ideas on the development of the industry or about intimacy vs sexuality. I don’t know.

About the book itself, I have to say that I liked the beginning the best. All the talk about Connie and her sister’s youth. The way she talks about the burden of sex in a relationship.
There are very few points, if any, in which I can agree with her… But I enjoyed getting to know her. After that, I started to feel as depressed as she did with her life, and even the affair that seems to bring her out of it was not enough for me. And to top it all, the ending felt a bit anticlimactic.

Even so, it all felt quite natural… Real. This felt like a true person with a real life.

After reading several YA fiction books, this one also felt more grown up. Several feelings and lines of thinking that are not completely foreign to me. A dysfunctional marriage, the concerns of social pressure and even the heavy decision of whether to bring children to a world that has disappointed you… All things that weight on modern women still (or at least, they should), seem to also be things that have weighted women for centuries.

Who would’ve thought?



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