Chaol Westfall

A couple of day ago I saw online someone complaining about all the pity parties the Chaol Westfall character gets for trying to save his prince from the thing that has taken over his body and now controls him, in spite of how everyone tell him he is lost for good.

And I did bad-mouthed him some, so I fell compelled to say that it is not his stubbornness regarding to keeping Dorian Havilliard alive that makes it so unlikable for the latest book, it was the fact that it was actions that led his friend to be trapped as he was. He abandoned him.

As a matter of fact, the fact that he would sacrifice everything and everyone for his friend, might be the last good thing he has going for him… as misguided as he might be.

For the first two books, I was totally into him. Even after the death of Nahemia, I thought Celaena had overreacted and it was her grief that has turned against Chaol.

And she might have, but it was his refusal to accept her as she was that really broke them apart. He wanted (and did fall) to love a girl as he constructed her in his head, not as she was. When she goes on a killing spree for him, he’s frightened by what she can do instead of seeing it as what she would do to the world for him.

He loved her, and she was not the girl he loved. But the worst part is that she never deceived him. She never hid anything from him. His delusion was all of his own making.

He tried so desperately to keep his honor, that he turned blind to everything that was wrong. Even dooming his own best friend in the process.

That is what made Chaol Westfall unlikable, at least in my eyes.

Unlikable, but not unredeemable.


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