Chapter 21

The problem with watching the movie before reading the book… as I am discovering… Is that it messes with my head.

Usually, it is a very easy thing… and something I completely enjoy… to let my mind wander through the descriptions to create myself an image of the character or places or objects (or aliens, as it is in this case). But no matter how many times I re-reads the description the book gives for the Mogadorians, it doesn’t touch the picture the movie has already created in my mind.

It just doesn’t.

Another downside: the surprise factor is totally gone. I already have an idea as of where this story is going. It is not just that I can guess according to the facts where I think it will lead me, it is that I already know how this is suppose to end.

I have read other books after watching their respective movies, but the books tends to differ enough, or give me so much detail or (sometimes) even new characters, that I can ignore it and may not realize at all. This is not the case now.

I’m even half expecting things that ought to have happen already! Its annoying.


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