I think this collection is a MUST-HAVE for all those who read and enjoyed the whole Lunar Chronicles books series.
It gave me a better view of the characters and even added more feeling with new characters and situations that I hadn’t thought about before. It was exactly what I  needed to get over my huge book hangover.
I feel like I can calmly move on to the next book now, without my mind taking me back to the Earthen Union at the most unexpected moments.

I’m extra encouraged by the fact that this one makes the fourth book I’ve checked-marked this year, and it’s barely half-way through February!! Talk about a good start for my goals this year!

I must mention, thou, that this reading spree might be interfering with all my other goals and things-to-be-done… Like sleeping!! So, even when I don’t thing it is a rhythm I can keep (nor should try to), I DO feel enthused by this start.


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