Exhausted: Body or mind?

I have always laid down with a book after a long day.

It that moment when your feet hurt, your back aches, and you may have just stuffed yourself full of food after spending a good while feeling like eating your own hand because you’re so hungry…  And no matter all of that, you mind would take you on incredible trips to amazing places. That’s one of the reasons I love book so much.

Summer is usually my more relaxed season when it comes to work, and it being so absolutely melting-hot in my little corner of the world, it has the best moments to relax in a hammock with a very icy beverage and my flavor-of-the-week book…

This summer has completely ruined my plans.

Even the few free days that I’ve had, have been completely exhausting; but, not in the way that I’m used to. Lately, I’ve felt like my brain has been put through the blender, baked and then left for the ants to eat.

After a full day of work, my feet don’t hurt that bad, my back feels fine, and I have completely lost track of the last time I ate… but I’m so tired that my eyes burn and my head feels heavy.

… and my reading time has suffered. And I hate it.

Reading is THE thing that keeps me sane. I LOVE reading. And the fact that I, until the beginning of this month, hadn’t felt in the mood to read really bothers me. How can anyone maintain their sanity without time to themselves, alone with their books?

Things seem to be falling more into place now, and this week I finally got to cuddle up with my book and enjoy it. It felt like a change of skin: dropped of the frayed one and soothingly wear a brand new one now.

I feel restored by a bit of good reading time. Have you ever felt like that? 


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