Anything that can go wrong…


Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

There were few things I liked when I read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, mainly the whole discovery thing when it came to the truth about Jacob‘s grandfather. And that’s precisely what made me enjoy Jabob‘s search in Hollow City.

Along with trying to help and be with the girl he has feelings for, he’s looking for meaning, looking to better understand who he is now that he knows so much more about his grandfather and himself… Or at least that’s what it seems like to me.

But then, there are the details… A band of children with somewhat superpowers traveling through London during World War II searching for someone they have never met and don’t know where to find. And on top of that, everything seems to go wrong.

Every single thing that could possibly go wrong, does. Storms at sea, lost things, soldiers after them, allied soldier after them, missed trains, snobby adults, and hollowgasts in all the places that could possibly and impossibly have one.

Some of those felt necessary for a bit of accuracy according to the era they’re supposed to be walking, but after a while they felt excessive. A bit of good luck would have felt better, if not more natural.

Then there is the whole time traveling thing. You can’t really tell it is happening.

They go into all tHesse loops, dipping their toes into other times and eras, and we get no details. I understand why there is no time for dwelling on the strangeness of the past when you are being hunted by nightmarish creatures, but then what’s the point of all these trips? Were they really necessary if they don’t really add anything to the plot?

So, no. This book did not make it into my Favorite Books list. But now, Jacob is back to the modern days and has discovered a new facet of his peculiarity, and the only way to know where this will leads is to keep on reading.


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