Fae or Elf?

It hit me out of nowhere (Or maybe it did come from somewhere but I didn’t realize)… Is there suppose to be a difference?

I have been picturing them in my head as the same thing since I can remember… Tall, magical, pointy ears, extra skinny, somewhat androgynous, and very good looking. Isn’t that the kiss of it?

Ok, sometimes I do picture them all manly and such, but that mostly the Rowan Whitethorn my mind conjured up.

Falin Andrews might also be getting some of that, but much more urbanely refined… He IS law enforcement in a major city, isn’t he? There no room for all the extra fough edges that come with the lack of social skills.

But what if I’m been wrong all along?! An if what I’ve been picturing in my mind for years and years has nothing to do with what was described on the books?

I don’t imagine it would much change my opinion on characters or stories, but the question has been asked in my mind, and it is not as if I can simply ignore it. It would drive me crazy if I did.

So, I looked it up. Yes, I did. I’m one of those people that interrupts everything she’s doing to go searching for answers when a question like this pops into my mind (or someone else asks it).

DobbyAnd it turns out, that I was somewhat right. They might not be the exact same thing, but kind of the equivalent for the same thing in other cultures. Like the Grimm Reaper and the Shinigami, or maybe like the Aluxes and the Shoemaker’s elves. They might not be precisely the same thing, by close enough to lump them together in the same category.

The simple’s explanation I found is this:

One man’s brownie was another man’s house elf.

Yes. It made me think of Dobby.


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