Witch or fae

I’ve found that I really enjoy these easy to read mystery books.

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Of course, fantasy is one of my favorite genres and witches, one of my favorite subjects… But this side dish of detective work gives it an extra something that I hadn’t realize could be so fantastic.

I think at some point I simply enjoyed the magic and mystery that comes with witches, but now that I’m somewhat of an adult (whatever that actually means), I also -and particularly- enjoy the strong female characters that can be commonly found in witch-stories.

So now, I’m indulging my fondness for witches and lead female characters with the Alex Craft series. The third book, Grave Memory, is not the last one of the series, but it is the lat one of these in my shelf.

Maybe after this, I’ll go looking for some more mystery/thriller books.

Each book has a crime/mystery that has been solved by the last page, but there’s also a unifying back story that has been equally interesting. Maybe with this book we’ll finally get to discover what kind of fae -if any- Alex Craft will turn into and how will that mess up with her witch skills.

Can she be both? A Grave Witch and a Sleagh Maith? Let’s find out!


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