It might be that my to-read list could be getting to be too long.

I have a good number of books (both, the digital and the printed kind) lying nearby in wait (or queued, in the case of my ebooks), ready to be picked up.

Stained by Ella James

Stained by Ella James

There is where I found Stained by Ella James. And I honestly have no idea where I got this book nor what it is supposed to be about.

I can’t even remember when it made it to my list.

Ok. I admit. I have a terrible memory. That’s why I write most of everything down.

Me, forgetting things? Totally possible, even likely. But this is not the first book that I picked up without really remembering why I wanted to read it.

The title of this book doesn’t even sound familiar, but the author does. That leads me to think that maybe that’s why it is in my list.

There is a whole section in my planner for books. It is mostly a huge and almost senseless list of all the books I hear about or see somewhere and I think sound interesting, waiting to be looked up online and for me to decide whether they will make it to THE list.

But on top of book titles, there are also a few author names that I also add to that list.

When it comes to authors I want to know what the buzz is about, I usually just pick the most talked about book or the one that shows first in my search.

I’m really starting to think that’s the case with this book.

Yeah… This sounds familiar.

If it’s all about Ella James, let’s see what she’s got.


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