What the hell

Stained by Ella James

This was a relatively short story, which I picked just for the author.

I didn’t like it at all. And the worst part it wasn’t even about the story itself, but about the telling. The whole thing felt as if I were missing something. I would’ve been sure someone took pages out of my book if it weren’t an eBook.

Stained by Ella James
Stained by Ella James

I spent most of the time trying to catch up with what was happening, and absolutely confused with the timing. From the very beginning I felt like I started reading the story midway, and had to go online to make sure I had the first book in the series and I was not missing part of the story by mistake.

Sometimes I felt like we jumped forward too fast, and I missed half the interactions, specially when the feel of the relationship between the two main characters changed too quickly. One moment they were strangers and the next they are BFFs, then suddenly something seems to be going on out of nowhere and then they are not talking to eachother. And for no reason, they are a couple. It was insane.

And that is saying nothing about the plot. I have no idea who this Julia is, even when she’s suppose to be the main character. I have no problem with a story full of mysteries and unknown enemies, but when you’re not even sure who your main character is, it all gets way too weird and confusing.

For what I can gather, there are some kind of half-demons hunting this girl for unknown reasons that may have something to do with a weird birthmark she has. But there are also others that are looking for her and may or may not have evil intentions.

Then there was the guy, he might or might not be evil. He has powers, and might at someplint been in the same team as the bad guys.

Honestly, it was bad. Totally consuming and weird, and not in a good way. There are two more books (I think) to this series, but no… Hell, no…. I will not be reading those.

If you are interested, check out my page  …when they come in a bunch for this and other book series.


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