Jack Reacher

As much as I like books, I’m also a movie fan… And, while checking out the trailers for the upcoming movies, I found this:

I remember watching a Jack Reacher movie a while back, and while I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, I liked the idea of this military super-detective. Kind of like G.I. Joe meats Sherlock Holmes.

And I AM a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Killing Floor by Lee Child
Killing Floor by Lee Child

Of course, like any good bookworm, I went searching for the book this character came out from, and found Killing Floor by Lee Child.

I understand that this is the first appearance of Jack Reacher in what becomes a very long and entangled series, and while I have no idea if I will read them all… I was already in the mood for some detective/crime, thanks to Alex Craft.

Of course, I don’t expect any witch stuff nor fairy creatures when talking about a war veteran military investigator, but the crime/investigation part has to be there, right?

Let’s get to it.


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