Big guns and corruption

What the hell

Killing Floor by Lee Child

I have to say that I’m very, highly, so disappointed.

This book was not what I expected, not at all. But, you know, I could have lived with that. I didn’t need a super detective that could have the crime solved in a matter of pages. That would have made for a very short book. But this was such a slow slow thing, it became tedious.

The descriptions were insane. Of course, you can always appreciate a good description, it gets you into the correct frame of mind, it can help immerse you into this world and help you see everything from the point of view of the main character… until you get descriptions of things that seem (and end up) being useless or irrelevant,or when you get to hear the same descriptions over and over again.

Killing Floor by Lee Child
Killing Floor by Lee Child

On top of everything else, I found Killing Floor to be absolutely predictable. I knew who were the bad guys by the end of the first chapter, and what was going on by the time I was half way through. There was no mystery to this crime. We had more than one investigator/detective working the thing, and it felt like they all lacked imagination. I don’t know if it is because this is an old book, or because I have watch very very much crime-solving TV, but I felt like all those smart experience investigators missed the point until it was smashed on their faces.

Then, there was the ending. It was crazily out of proportion. I mean, they almost blew up the town! There were roof flying off and buildings leveled out. How crazy can you get? And then it all felt kind of patched up.

Like someone said: “Well, no. You cannot blew up some building, no matter how insignificant the town, and expect nothing to happen”. So they had to send in all the cavalierly. All those guys that weren’t paying one bit of attention while a government official was suspiciously murdered while conducting a very sensitive investigation.

It was absurd.

I really, really didn’t like it… but I always feel guilty about saying that a book is bad. I rather not. Some books are just not for me, and Killing Floor is just one of those. I guess I will have to stick to the Jack Reacher movies.


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