Look at me! Look at me!! I made it! I reached this year’s goal and it’s not even October yet!!

After last year’s unaccomplished goals, it feels really good to check this out of my yearly checklist. It makes me feel very proud of myself, to accomplish something ahead of time (something that doesn’t usually happen with me), even when it most likely means I neglected many other things to spend much of my time reading.

I will ignore all those things that seem to be dragging on and be permanently etched into my to-do list while remain ignored… and will focus on thisfw1 one thing that I can feel good with myself about.

I did it! I read more book this year than last year!!

Of course. The reading must go on… even if that makes next year’s goal potentially more difficult (not that I’ve decided already what that’ll be), and we’ll see how things look when the year is over and the final count is in.

In the meanwhile… I’ll congratulate myself by adding something extra to this month’s book budget.


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