A Fire Beneath the Skin

Starting with Ink Mage, we meet Rina Veraiin and follow her, her fiends, allies and enemies along the journey that begins with a betrayal, an invasion and the death of everything Rina knows, loves and holds dear.

To help her in finding the ways and courage to fight for what it rightfully hers, the new Duchess recieves a gift from an old Mage: magical tattoos. These tattles give her abilities and strenghts that she didn’t have and will serve her in the coming conflict.

After recovering her home and feeing her town from the invaders, Rina Veraiin, The Tattooed Duchess, finds herself surrounded with responsabilities she doesn’t feel ready to manage, in change of a town that barely survived the prolonged presence of enemy forces. On top of that, forces still conspire against her and more invading forces collect in the distance, ready to try again.

The third and last part of this series, A Painted Goddess.