Alex Craft series

This books series by Kalayna Price, a story centered in the works and life of a witch/private investigator Alex Craft, starts with Grave Witch where we meet Alex and her dysfunctional family, as well as her reluctant partner FIB agent Falin Andrews, and some or her friends (witches, fae and cops, as well as all manner of magical creatures).

The story continues with  Grave Dance, Grave Memory and Grave Vision, that will continue Alex‘s discovery of her Fea heritage and the development with her relationship with the Court Fae Falin Andrews, who has turned to be attached to the Fae Winter Queen, and her awkward relationship with Death, who is apparently in-love with her.

There’s supposed to be another book for this series, scheduled to be published next year (2017). The titile still hasn’t been announced.