Ender’s Quintet

This is quite the long story, with five parts, that doesn’t quite wrap up but links with other works by the same author, as far as I understand.

While the first book of the series talks about Ender‘s journey through Battle School and his development as a military commander, the rest of the series isn’t related to the war anymore.

The second book, The Speaker of the Dead, deals more with Ender’s search of a home for the last Hive Queen, whom is in his care. It occurs thousands of years after the first one and Ender is a man already who still lives due to relative interstellar travel.

Following this one, the next two books, Xenocide and The Children of the Mind (that were originally one and the same but were split in two parts), deal with consequent issues, like the peaceful coexistence of the races and such.

The last book of the series is the one that, to me, looks to be more related to the first one. Ender in Exile, talks about Andrew Wiggin‘s journey with the colonizers after he’s unable to return home after the war.