Evan Arden series

The story of Evan Arden’s madness starts with Otherwise Alone

This the first part of the story, where we get to see how Lia and Evan meet, while he is stuck out in the desert paying his due for displeasing his mob boss.

It is a short novella, but a red-cheeks fanning-myself sexy reading.

After Otherwise Occupied leaves us right after Evan’s complete mental meltdown, now we get to see the consequences of his actions. Not only on regards to his boss, who’s less than happy with him, but also to the fact that he has surrendered himself to the will of the feds. The saving grace is that Lia is here for him, just when he had resigned himself to never getting to see her again. Now, he must do whatever it takes to protect her… and that’s where Otherwise Unharmed takes us.

This series ended up having 5 parts, but the first three have been found in a one-book collection called Otherwise Complete.