The Left Hand of God trilogy

After getting to know Thomas Cale and all his skills, as much for killing as on military strategy, with The Left Hand of God, the trilogy continues with The Last Four Things and The Beating of his Wings.

After introducing to us all the horror of Cale‘s upbringing under the rigid and torturous hand of the Redeemers, Paul Hoffman shows us how a broken boy like this is received into a world full of rules and ambitions that he doesn’t understand; only to be used and discarded, wanted and despised, feared and admired. A walking contradiction.
He puts so much effort into changing, into understanding and learning, only to realize that he cannot escape from the Redeemers and their plans for him.
He is to be the Left Hand of God, the Avenging Angel come to Earth to wipe it clean of all sin, of all humankind.
The second a third par of this trilogy takes us through the internal struggle Cale endures. Is that really all his propose? Should he do it? And, once it is done, what would be of him and his soul?