A Second Opinion

Turns out I’m not alone in my assessment!

So… You don’t believe me? Listen to someone else, then.


Space Pirate

Surely, you can already tell by the sheer amount of quotes and bits of book shared… but I absolutely LOVED this book.
mattD-WatneyAs cruel as it may sound, I was rooting for Matt Damon for the Oscar… if only because I thought Mark Watney was a genius character. I realize now that it was mostly all in the original writing!! (without taking away from Matt and everyone involved in making this book into a movie)

The Martian is all about this man, left alone, stranded and doomed… totally abandoned. But it never actually feels sad nor depressing. If anything, I found it completely inspiring. Mark Watney never accepts defeat, and that makes him my hero.

What doesn’t happen to him! I mean, talk about Murphy’s law!!

Stabbed, dragged around, almost suffocated, exploded, blown out, decompressed, rolled around… if you can think it, it most likely happened to him.

And he never gave up. He even kept his sense of humor. This is clearly a drama, with as much science and danger as possible… but it doesn’t stop being funny, and it never takes away from the seriousness of all the hurdles that Mark has to overcome.
I’m not sure if the levelheadedness is supposed to be a byproduct of being a astronaut, or if Andy Weir intended it to be simply Mark‘s personality… but I think it is what makes the character totally unforgettable. He never gives himself to panic, not even at the beginning… nor when everything goes wrong and it all seems hopeless.
Even when he throws a tantrum!!… He shakes it off, and keeps on working one problem at the time.

I don’t know if all the science and math included with this astronaut’s travesties is 100% accurate… and (to me) it doesn’t really matter that much. The point was that it sounds about right, nothing seems outrageous nor too science-fictiony. I thought it was enough to maintain the illusion, that nothing comes out of nowhere…

That was the other thing I absolutely loved.It almost felt like a real-life story. Nothing was really too out-there (at least for me).

I have NO complains, at all.

It was an awesome book.

You should read it.

Everyone should read it.

A ‘Sheldon’ moment?

The Martian by Andy Weir

VK: “Are you sure about this?”

RP: “Absolutely!”

VK: “Have you told anyone else?”

RP: “Who would I tell?”

VK: “I don’t know. Friends?”

RP: “I don’t have any of those”

VK: “Okay, keep it under your hat”.

RP: “I don’t wear a hat”.

VK: “It’s just an expression”.

RP: “Really? It’s a stupid expression”.

VK: “Rich, you’re being difficult”.

RP: “Ah. Thanks”.

Chapter 13

All this talk and detailed talk about the canvas that makes The Hab is making me nervous. Strange thing when I have a pretty good idea of how this story’s ought to go after watching the movie.

To me, this a sign of how invested I am with the character and the story. My stomach knots more and more with every line of Mark Watney‘s log where he is unaware that something’s going on with his house!!

Must keep going (biting nails)…