Nameless is my price


Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas


This book was amazing!! I have no words for how much I’m absolutely in-love. I was at the edge of my sit during the whole thing, there was no good moment to stop or even breathe!

Queen Aelin Ashryver Galathynious spent the whole 700 pages going for one betrayal to a disaster to an ambush, to another betrayal and ambush. It was insane! I LOVED IT!!

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms is the fifth installment in the Throne of Glass series, so there is a lot happening that relates and/or recounts what has been happening since the beginning. And this one has way more explanations about how all those things merge together. So there were many times I felt like I should be re-reading all the previous books to freshen up my memory about the details.

I also think I waited to long to read Asassin’s Blade. There were a few new character that I felt I should know already, and many more that I think we’re mentioned lightly before hand.

But all of that, didn’t matter. The story was awesome! Simply mind-blowing.

Land not just because of all the magic and battles, but also for all the scheming and surprising turns of events. Then, of course, there was a couple of sexy times and a lot of built-up.

The next book -that still has no name- better be as good. I think better is impossible, but I wouldn’t discourage Sarah J. Maas for trying,

The downside? The wait for the conclusion of the story is going to be a year.

A WHOLE year!


War, heartbreak and friendship


The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

While there not as many little action sequences as in the previous one, this one did have more mass violence and strategy. It felt more like a book about war, almost as if I were back at college reading about all the disturbingly creative ways people have devised over the centuries to systematically kill each other.

The Last Four Things does take the massacre and disturbing imagery farther than The Left Hand of God did. There were some people being blown to pieces, bolts raining down from the sky to kill dozens, and most gruesome of all, the almost complete annihilation of an entire envoy of women and children for the sake of making a point.

The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

It never reaches the disgustingly gory level, if only for the couple of times we…

reserve the right to look away

…instead of going into detail about the most horrendous war crimes that are talked about. Because that’s what it all feels like… a series if hideous and unnecessary war crimes.

That is to say, this is most assuredly not an uplifting read. And it is definitely not for everyone. It has many religious reference that could easily be offensive for some and a heavy handed criticism of many things… from holy war and the politics withing religious institutions, to the decision-making processes of all kinds politicians or leaders and the easily swayed loyalties of people.

One of the positive things that come from all the killing and betrayal, is the seemingly reluctant friendship between two of these kids that have survived the grueling upbringing of abusive monks seeking to make ruthless soldiers out of children, Thomas Cale and Vague Henri.

They mostly don’t agree with each other’s choices and decisively tell one another all that’s wrong with their actions… but continue to follow each other to the origin of their traumas, to war, to perilous travels, and even to the middle of potentially treacherous political alliances.

What better kind of friends? Even when they keep on saying that…

“He’s not that much of a friend”

Everything seems more depressing and more uncertain after finishing the second book, so I will surely read the last one, The Beating of his Wings, if not right away.

Odd one out


Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

This might not have been my favorite among the three books that make the whole series, His Fair Assassin, but it was undoubtedly very good and a fair ending.

Ismae‘s story has much political intrigue, and a sense of  self-discovery and finding your our strength.  She’s manages to find herself and her faith, outside of the boundaries of the into tutor hat has fostered her for years. Unlike that, Sybella‘s story was more about family intrigue and the capacity of depravity mankind can reach, about finding peace and love when you have suffered much. She finds her own capacity for love, honest and devoted faith, and even manages to learn to thrust others.

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

This story though, Anneth‘s, felt completely different.

We got a completely different love story, deeper and more complex. And more family drama instead of intrigue… But here was also less action.

This story felt slower.

With Dark Triumph, I couldn’t stop. I simply couldn’t get it out of my head that something dramatic and game changing could happened at any moment, but Mortal Heart had more waiting periods when nothing happened. We even got some implied and not-so-implied time jumps!

I think I’m more a fan of stories that happen quickly with a somewhat fast pace. The times of introspection where Anneth‘s debates what she’s feeling and what could thing possibly mean, drove me a bit crazy… But it all helps to separate clearly and definitely the three girls and their distinct personalities and backgrounds.

One of he things that I definitely loved about this third and last part of the series is the presence of Death as main character. We had had glimpses of him before, when he shows himself to Ismae and the to Sybella. These ARE his daughters after all. His presence has been implied and hinted at. He was a real entity in the background for most of the first two books, but now we got to really know him and understand him. He is more than just a silent shadow, he is almost a man. That was one of my favorite parts in the whole series.

How can I not be totally intrigued and besotted with stories that give flesh, mind and heart to mysterious and incomprehensible ideas as Death itself? Right?

The Claw, the Wing and the Smoke


Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

After a painful beginning, the middle has ok. It wasn’t until two thirds of the way in that things started to get exciting, and then it was over.

I was honestly, quite disappointed with this books. After The Shadow Queen, and in between chapter of Dark Triumph, the introduction of the characters felt way too slow, and annoyingly meaningless.

Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

There were people and events that were only talked about, but never fully explained nor recounted. I think adding characters or happening to a story, when these don’t affect or have any bearing I the plot is a waste of book pages; and this was specially true for Silver in the Blood. 

The idea behind all the parts and details I didn’t like, was quite intriguing. Two girls who come face to face with a family legacy that they were completely unaware of, and a ruthless grandmother who rules the family clan as it were a cult… It could have been an awesome book.

But, it wasn’t.


The shy and self-conscious girl finds herself with knowledge of her new power, but the strong willed one just crumbles? That felt weird. And then, just when you think she’s gone pull out of it whe her situation gets a bit more dire… She gets all meek and catatonic?

It wasn’t until the last moment when we got to see Dacia finally own up to her new power and status within he wolf pack, but by then, LouLou was now the week one.

And then! That so called confrontation with their grandmothers! That was totally disappointing. Inspected more backbone and maybe for the two girls to bring the family together. The fact that Grandmother dearest got to get away with half the family made everything else feel meaningless.

Seriously. There were many things I didn’t enjoy about this book, I could rant for a long time.

Death’s Justice


Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers


This is book number two for His Fair Assassin, and it has been a while since I read the first one, Grave Mercy.

I remember in general way what the first one was about… There were three girls, daughter of Death himself, trained as assassins in order to serve their father; there was a loyal man who falls I love with one of Death’s handmaidens; there’s also a child Duchness being forced into marriage with a horrible man, and a plot to make it so.

It wasn’t until I was well into the story of this second part that I realized that I might be in serious need of a character chart. There are just so many names!! And most of them, in French!! It wasn’t so difficult to keep track of who were the good one and who the bad ones… But Imdo have to put to the record how difficult it was for me to keep the names straight,

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Even so, that doesn’t deter for the story one bit. It was amazing.

We don’t get to hear much about Isme, the main character form the first book, not about her budding love story wint he bastard brother of the Duchness… Instead, we get to know Cibela, another one of Death’s daughters. The darker one…

And it is heartbreakingly sad and tender and the same time.

While the first girl we met was soft of heart and only seemed to help others, this one is more violent and full of hate. Cibela had a horrible, horrible upbringing at the hands of s monstrous man who stops at nothing in order to pursue his ambition.

The more horrible things we learn about this man, the clearer it becomes why and how is hat Cibela has come to be who she is, and what led her to the convent that was to give her new purpose.

It is a wonderfully told tale of violence, intrigue, human cruelty, loyalty and deliverance. It was non-stop action, only interrupted by moments where you could see our main character grow and transform. I simply loved this book, and cannot wait to get to know the third  and last of Death’s daughters.

To the sky and back


The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

It’s been a while since I read a book like this one. One that I simply couldn’t put down.

Work get me from going past the first page for most of the week, but by Thursday I was finally able really get into int. And after that, I just couldn’t stop. I even managed to squeeze in some pages while at work, between appointments…

It was a great story, with a fast pace plot that doesn’t feel rushed or tiring. There’s lost of magic, some comedy and some heart break. There’s even dragons!! DRAGONS!! I mean… If someone had told me there would be dragons, I would have gotten to this book a long time ago.

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

People that turn into dragons, to be specific, but they were great. The idea that this being can have two hearts that beat together in their chests (one for their dragon instincts and thirst fro violence, and one for their human natures and their ability to feel things like love or mercy) was one of my favorites. I think it added an extra layer of complexity to this characters that was delightful. I DO wish we could have gotten to know the people of Eldr better, the Draconi, but I understand the story was about Lorelai Diererich.


I did find the death of Lorelai‘s brother, Leo, to be terribly sad, and the sudden disappearance of the Eldr King‘s uber-loyal friends/guards and then their equally sudden re-appearance felt slightly weird and empty. I think a couple of chapter from their point of view would’ve been good, but again, I understand this was not a story about the Eldrians. Maybe it should have been.

At the beginning we are introduced to all this characters… the Draconi princess, the Master military trainer and royal adviser… and the problems the Eldrian crown faces. But by the time we get to the last page, everything over there has been solved and we got no clear answer as to how, what really happened or how did all these character fared. That, I didn’t like.

But, if you ignore that, everything else was amazing. The strong princess that can climb trees and crumble mountains. How cool is that!! My favorite thing however was the falcon pet. She has a mental link with the magic wielding princess and her thoughts are simply the best part of the whole book in my opinion.  What better thing that a pet that can talk to you in your mind to offers you eating advise?

“Mouse? Rabbit?”

In short, I loved it, will add it to my list of favorite books and would absolutely love to know more about this. Maybe C.J. Redwine should consider writing a book all about the Eldrians.



Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

This is a sequel to Seraphina, and follows a couple of months after the end of the previous book. It was more complex and offered more details about the world in which our main character lives. Not just to her native Goredd, but also the neighboring countries… Their religion, politics and social structures. Even the inner workings of the Tanamoot, or dragon society, that seems to be crumbling in itself.

In that regard, it was a wonderful book. I felt it constructed a whole universe where these characters dwell and where interacting with dragons and Ityasaari (half.-dragons, half-humans) is entirely possible. So many things were explained, from the actions and reactions of people to their believes and motivations.

Shadow Sale by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Sale by Rachel Hartman

We got to know Abdo‘s family, and his gods, Chance and Necessity. Of all the religions I’ve ever read about, this is one that makes the much sense to me. This world, in all its complexity, completely bowled me over. It was wonderful.

On the other had, though, there were many thing that Seraphina did or didn’t that I found frustratingly near-sighted, and while the ultimate fate of Jannoula felt right and appropriate, the actual end of the book felt way too sad.


Jannoula‘s goal was achieved at the end, she took everything of sentimental value away from Seraphina. She tainted her life goals and chased away her brethren, she killed her friend and took her beloved Uncle Orma from her.

And even when, thanks to her need to fight Jannoula back, she managed to unleash her powers and come to a better and deeper understanding of the world, she never gets to keep the love of her life. Prince Lucian Kiggs ends up marrying Queen Glisselda, even when even the Queen herself seems to be in-love with Seraphina. How messed up is that?!

I think it was all just too sad.

And even worst, she didn’t seem all that heartbroken about it! That is what I found the most perplexing. I can understand about duty and putting the needs of the nation before her own heart’s desires, but she ends up all alone and… I don’t know. It just felt depressing.

Still, it was a great book…  magnificently written.

Unexpected horrors


Commodity by Shay Savage


I don’t think it is possible to Love this book. It has nothing to do with either the writing nor the plot, it is just the content. How can you possibly love a book about human trafficking, rape and world-wide extermination?!

It was a hard read the first time around, I don’t think I would be up for reading it again in a very very long time… If ever.

Commodity by Shay Savage

Commodity by Shay Savage

I have to say I was grateful for the mid-book time leap that we get between part 1 and 2. I’m not always a fan of time voids or jumps that happen in he middle of the action part of the story, or that leave you hanging with out knowing the fate of one of the main characters, but this time I seriously appreciate not having to witness the horrors Hannah had to endure, from her own perspective. I think that would have just made the whole thing unreadable.

All in all, it was not that far from what I’ve come to expect from Shay Savage. She always delivers some heart-wrenching stuff just when you were hoping things would get better.

I did have a problem with the Alien part of this story, thou… If it weren’t because it was alluded  to in the introduction, it would have felt completely forced…

Specially that last encounter Falk has with them, that turns out not to be the first one he has!

It felt like a last minute addition to me that didn’t quite flow right, but I guess some kind of explanation had to be given for the almost extermination of the whole human  race… Right?

Maybe it would’ve been better for it to remain a mystery to just speculation.




13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

I really didn’t like that ending. It simply felt anticlimactic.

I understand it. Really, I do. This is a book about grief and self-discovery, but I really didn’t like that ending.

It all started good and exciting. The mystery of the Runaway Aunt, the meaningful task that were meant to actually teach her something…

… But then, it all started to go downhill.

It did feel realistic, thou. All trips have a certain amount of failed expectations, and you had to consider that this one was planned by a reckless woman that was in fact already dead… So, of course, things had to fall through some.

By the end, it was exhausting and all I wanted was to get to the end of the tasks… Give the whole thing a sense of closure… And be done with it. But then…


13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

… The whole buch of envelopes get stolen. And we don’t get to discover what was it that the Aunt Peg really wanted from Ginny.

Of course, that too feel tremendously realistic… Getting your stuff stolen is kind of a rite of passage when it comes to international travel. One of those thing that you simply have to go through. But I think this book needed a bit less realism. At least for my taste.

It would have been more emotionally satisfying to have Virginia go through has all envelopes, even if the tasks fell through or even if she decided to not mod them.

The not knowing is what bothered me the most. This were her beloved aunt’s last words to her, and now they are lost forever. It’s just downright depressing.

Be still my heart


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

I absolutely loved this story. It was amazing, and it will go directly to my Favorite books of all time list. I’ll even start searching for a print hardcover version to own, simply for the pleasure of owning it. I was that amazed and enamored of it.

And it wasn’t just the dragons!

I love dragons.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

There’s no way around that. Most of the times, the simple promise of dragons can drag me to any movie, make watch any TV series and read pretty much any book. And, yes, that was the main reason why I decided to read Seraphina. But I will re-read it and re-read it for many more reasons than that.

Like, for example, I finally found a sane and reasonable example of a girls falling in love with a guy in the middle of a battle for her life. Who would have thought it was possible!? This sounded totally plausible and even somewhat unavoidable. She doesn’t waste pages and pages rambling about his beauty or perfection, or thinking of way to escape everything with him. This felt more like a completely unexpected and painful experience that she loathes but, at the same time, cannot stop.


She gets to know him in the mist of all the adversities, and to her utter horror, she trips into love with him. After all, how can you not love a honorable and dedicated man who just wants justice and who appreciates you intelligence and opinions¡?! That sounds like a wonderful specimen that even i would brave dragons for.

And the best part? They go about it with total levelheadedness. She doesn’t throw herself at him recklessly, nor try to move him away from his duties or responsibilities. She takes is from the begging like an unattainable thing. Because, how can you ask that kind of man to betray everything he believes on for love?! Can he be the man you love if he agrees?! Honestly I loved him, too. Prince Lucian Kiggenstane is my newest book crush.

Shadow Sale by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Sale by Rachel Hartman

And then there were the dragons. I loved those too! My second favorite dragons of all times. My very favorite is still Eragon‘s Saphira, but these came a very close second. The idea of this ancient and mighty creatures taking human shape just to be able to understand us and all the blundering the come to when they’re faced with feelings. Feelings! Can you believe that, of all things, would be the most puzzling thing about mankind?! Of course, some weird way, it all completely makes sense.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything I can really say (or write) that can accurately tell how much I loved this book. So much so, that I’m not daring to stop and already started loading the sequel, Shadow Scale, and will be starting on it as soon as possible.

As luck would have it, today is the day I actually go back to the full on hectic schedule that I had before summer’s respite, but I won’t let that stop me. Sleeping is overrated, after all! Maybe I can even bring in my headphones and keep with my audiobook in the shower…


The Coup D’etat

Brain On Fire by Susannah Cahalan

I really, really, really liked this book.

I couldn’t put it away. I even reorganized my whole bedroom, just to have something to do while I listened to this book.

I have to say that I debated with myself, and the only reason Brain on Fire doesn’t get top rating with me is because I’m not sure I could so easily read and re-read this book as much as I sometimes do with other books I love. It is not a light read, mostly because of the subject matter.

Not only does Susannah Cahalan share with us the little she remembers from the period when she mostly lost her mind, and all that -she latter pieced together- happened to her… but she also shared the opinions of her parents, her boyfriend and -most touching- the opinions of others who reached out to her afterwords to share their stories too.

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahallan

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahallan

This was not only a moving story, but so damn interesting.

It is somewhat scary to think that so much of who we are depends on the contents and working of the least understood part of our bodies. All those things that can, and sometimes do, go wrong. A virus, a bacteria, a bad hit… or, as this writer experience, even known causes, can blurred or erase who we are. It is disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

I honestly think this is a superbly told story, full of clearly explained medical facts as well and touching emotional perspectives, without feeling sad nor confusing. It even throws in a few somewhat uplifting moments.

One of the things I liked the most was her explanation about how the human immune system works. these might not have been her words, but I was left with the idea that it resembles our emergency services. It has an immediate response team, like paramedics or police officers, that have standardized protocols to be follow for basically everything. And when that doesn’t work, there are the specialists… like SWAT teams or even Army Special Forces, who come to do the job on a more aggressive and specific way. But then, they are so good that when they turn on you, you are powerless. We usually calle that a Coup d’etat. 

When that happens in your brain, when it is being attacked by those who were supposed to protect him… we, as I learn with this book, call that Autoimmune Encephalitis.

Overall, this was a fantastic book, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who cares to listen.

Another one of the things that this book mainly brought to my mind, that I feel is worth sharing, is the importance of Susannah Cahalan‘s parents. It made me thing of how dependent we are on others when we are at our most vulnerable, and how much can one person change the outcomes of your life. If Susannah‘s parents hadn’t insisted and stubbornly followed up on everything that was being done to their daughter, the end of her story might have been completely different. It is a testimony of how much we need these sort of warriors on our corner when thing take a turn for the worst.

I have never experience anything remotely like what this woman goes through, but I would like to think that my parents would go to the mat for me the same way. And I can only hope that, when they are no longer around, I will have someone else to do the same.

If you’re interested on knowing more about this reporter- after all, this is a real life story, and everything on it can be accounted for-, she has her own webpage. Feel free to visit it and learn more about it all.

Alone not lonely


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I think audiobooks are the best company when the times comes to do housework. I don’t really like silence that much if I’m not reading, so I need some kind of background noise. Mostly that’s when I put on my headphones and get lost on the sounds of whoever might be reading the book to me… but if not, then music is usually my companion.

I don’t consider myself a shy person. I don’t have any difficulties talking to people of even making friends, but I do enjoy being alone. My family tends to worry about me and I’ve met people who told me that i could do so many better things with my time… but I enjoy being by myself. it doesn’t make me depressed or sad, it just feel refreshing and like cool rain after a very hot day, if that makes any sense to you.

Being alone makes for the best circumstances for listening to audiobooks. I can just click play on my device and take my portable speaker wherever in the house I go. I can be in the kitchen cooking, or in the backroom doing laundry, or all over the place mopping… and nothing interrupts my “reading“.

Of course, this doesn’t quite work when I have visits, and even the cleaning of the house becomes team work.

But something good came out of all this.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

When I began reading A Darker Shade of Magic, I wasn’t quite liking it. The main character, Kell, felt to melodramatic; and the prince, Rye, was too much of an over-grown child. It wasn’t until I met Delilah that I stop considering ditching this book. But then I had to put the book on stand-by and got to reading Stained and Killing Floor. You know how that turned out: I hated both of them.

So, when I returned to my audiobook, things didn’t seem so bad.

I don’t know if it was because I had read two bad book on a row, or simply because I had already moved forward on the story… but things started to pick up with Kell and Delilah. There is fleeing and and unnoticed invasion, and unexpected people turning unwilling traitors, and the random chapters from the point of view of an unknown entity…

That was one of my favorite parts. We get to see things from the perspective of a creature that the characters are unaware of, and we don’t (until the very end) know who or what it really is. That was pretty cool.

I ended up deciding that I do like this book after all, and I will be adding the two sequels to my To-Read list, even if they are not at the top of the list.

Big guns and corruption

What the hell

Killing Floor by Lee Child

I have to say that I’m very, highly, so disappointed.

This book was not what I expected, not at all. But, you know, I could have lived with that. I didn’t need a super detective that could have the crime solved in a matter of pages. That would have made for a very short book. But this was such a slow slow thing, it became tedious.

The descriptions were insane. Of course, you can always appreciate a good description, it gets you into the correct frame of mind, it can help immerse you into this world and help you see everything from the point of view of the main character… until you get descriptions of things that seem (and end up) being useless or irrelevant,or when you get to hear the same descriptions over and over again.

Killing Floor by Lee Child

Killing Floor by Lee Child

On top of everything else, I found Killing Floor to be absolutely predictable. I knew who were the bad guys by the end of the first chapter, and what was going on by the time I was half way through. There was no mystery to this crime. We had more than one investigator/detective working the thing, and it felt like they all lacked imagination. I don’t know if it is because this is an old book, or because I have watch very very much crime-solving TV, but I felt like all those smart experience investigators missed the point until it was smashed on their faces.

Then, there was the ending. It was crazily out of proportion. I mean, they almost blew up the town! There were roof flying off and buildings leveled out. How crazy can you get? And then it all felt kind of patched up.

Like someone said: “Well, no. You cannot blew up some building, no matter how insignificant the town, and expect nothing to happen”. So they had to send in all the cavalierly. All those guys that weren’t paying one bit of attention while a government official was suspiciously murdered while conducting a very sensitive investigation.

It was absurd.

I really, really didn’t like it… but I always feel guilty about saying that a book is bad. I rather not. Some books are just not for me, and Killing Floor is just one of those. I guess I will have to stick to the Jack Reacher movies.


What the hell

Stained by Ella James

This was a relatively short story, which I picked just for the author.

I didn’t like it at all. And the worst part it wasn’t even about the story itself, but about the telling. The whole thing felt as if I were missing something. I would’ve been sure someone took pages out of my book if it weren’t an eBook.

Stained by Ella James

Stained by Ella James

I spent most of the time trying to catch up with what was happening, and absolutely confused with the timing. From the very beginning I felt like I started reading the story midway, and had to go online to make sure I had the first book in the series and I was not missing part of the story by mistake.

Sometimes I felt like we jumped forward too fast, and I missed half the interactions, specially when the feel of the relationship between the two main characters changed too quickly. One moment they were strangers and the next they are BFFs, then suddenly something seems to be going on out of nowhere and then they are not talking to eachother. And for no reason, they are a couple. It was insane.

And that is saying nothing about the plot. I have no idea who this Julia is, even when she’s suppose to be the main character. I have no problem with a story full of mysteries and unknown enemies, but when you’re not even sure who your main character is, it all gets way too weird and confusing.

For what I can gather, there are some kind of half-demons hunting this girl for unknown reasons that may have something to do with a weird birthmark she has. But there are also others that are looking for her and may or may not have evil intentions.

Then there was the guy, he might or might not be evil. He has powers, and might at someplint been in the same team as the bad guys.

Honestly, it was bad. Totally consuming and weird, and not in a good way. There are two more books (I think) to this series, but no… Hell, no…. I will not be reading those.

If you are interested, check out my page  …when they come in a bunch for this and other book series.



Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Serial killers.

Who doesn’t enjoy stories about serial killers?

I do. Does that make me weird?

Without wanting to get too much into how old I am, let me tell you that I used to watch -and love- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And this book series is starting to feel like that. Every book a new episode. Including the post-conclusion chapter that only gives you a taste os what is to come without any details to tie you over. All designed to make you read the next book, I’m sure.

I did feel more repetition of previous books facts, but that could be because I read this one right after the previous one without any pause nor delay. We did get more information about Alex Craft and her childhood and origins, but for every new thing we learn, 20 more questions pop up. There is so much mystery and confusion around her father and his motives that it’s becoming a bit of a drag, and the no-progress is driving me a bit nuts.

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Another thing that’s starting to worry me, is all the leftover bits. There are a few facts and events from  Grave Witch and Grave Dance that seem to have been neglected or happened for no reason. I really hope I’m wrong and the author is planning to collect all those bits and pieces that Alex seems to be forgetting and use them in a creative way further down the story line. Otherwise I’ll be seriously disappointed.

Things are getting more and more dicey with Alex‘s personal life and that, I think, makes the story more interesting… if not taken too far. I don’t think I would enjoy if the next book focuses too much in her romantic woes instead of all the crime and social/political issues popping up around her. I mean… her city is in the verge of chaos! and her father playing a very unknown and convoluted political game around her! And her friendships are going through a rough patch. I think all that needs to be more important than the two boys vying for her attentions..

But I guess there’s nothing but wait and see.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to the fourth book of this series, Grave Visions, but I’ll keep you posted.