“(…) if we die, my ghost is going to make your ghost miserable i the afterlife”.

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey



Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Serial killers.

Who doesn’t enjoy stories about serial killers?

I do. Does that make me weird?

Without wanting to get too much into how old I am, let me tell you that I used to watch -and love- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And this book series is starting to feel like that. Every book a new episode. Including the post-conclusion chapter that only gives you a taste os what is to come without any details to tie you over. All designed to make you read the next book, I’m sure.

I did feel more repetition of previous books facts, but that could be because I read this one right after the previous one without any pause nor delay. We did get more information about Alex Craft and her childhood and origins, but for every new thing we learn, 20 more questions pop up. There is so much mystery and confusion around her father and his motives that it’s becoming a bit of a drag, and the no-progress is driving me a bit nuts.

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Another thing that’s starting to worry me, is all the leftover bits. There are a few facts and events from  Grave Witch and Grave Dance that seem to have been neglected or happened for no reason. I really hope I’m wrong and the author is planning to collect all those bits and pieces that Alex seems to be forgetting and use them in a creative way further down the story line. Otherwise I’ll be seriously disappointed.

Things are getting more and more dicey with Alex‘s personal life and that, I think, makes the story more interesting… if not taken too far. I don’t think I would enjoy if the next book focuses too much in her romantic woes instead of all the crime and social/political issues popping up around her. I mean… her city is in the verge of chaos! and her father playing a very unknown and convoluted political game around her! And her friendships are going through a rough patch. I think all that needs to be more important than the two boys vying for her attentions..

But I guess there’s nothing but wait and see.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to the fourth book of this series, Grave Visions, but I’ll keep you posted.

Keeping on with the supernatural.

Grave Witch UK aus
Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

You wouldn’t believe  how many books I have waiting on my shelves (both the wood one and the digital one). It kind of makes me feel like a terrible host.

I invite them into my home, and then neglect them and let them to collect dust. It just seems rude, and it would drive me crazy if I had to sort trough all of them to choose one to read everything I finished a book.

That’s why I keep a list of what book to read next. Of course this list gets corrected, augmented and patched up often, but it gives me a sense of order and structure. That said, I actually ignored the list completely when picking this book. It was a spur of the moment choice, something that just felt it might fit my current mood.

Witches, ghosts, cops and mystery… what can go wrong, right?


by Cat Winters

I’ve always imagined soldiers abroad during WW2 as not much more than children trapped in a war game that suddenly turned too real. I guess it is due mostly to the idea of relative naivete that I always envisioned young people from that era had.

I mean… we, who grew up in the dawn of the new century, are way more desensitized to war, death, violence and general gore… not to mention that we have a way more graphic understanding of sex and all it possible kinkiness.

And that’s why I see the soldier of this story like an overgrown boy, stuck in a war that on top of all get seduced by a lonely ghost… talk about perverting him on all fronts.

Even so… I would side with Emmeline. She just needs some company. He should have stayed with her.

The Sins of the Parents

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?

And that is precisely the origin of all of Jess Ballard’s problems, in Spirit Legacy by E.E. Holmes… her mother’s good intentions. But I honestly don’t think she was ignorant of the futility of her efforts.

I mean,…


… did she really think that it would be that easy to circumvent such a “gift”?! It was supposed to be passed from generation to generation for ages… everyone would imagine it hard to contain.

And besides that… I refuse to believe that a rational person wouldn’t think to keep tabs on the other sister. Even if you mother instinct never kicks in. And if she DID and KNEW what was going on with her… then that’s just worst.

And if the fact that the boy she likes is dead, and she might be loosing her mind, and she has a twin sister that has thought herself crazy her whole life wasn’t enough… now she has to fulfill her “ancient duty”.

Honestly! Poor girl! At least she had a companion/accomplice on everything she did.

She DOES gets to be a prime example of “everything can always be worst”. When you think your life is bad, you see ghosts and have weird dreams and have no idea what’s going on… it could have always started when you were young and left you with a permanent residence at a mental hospital.

Even so… It was OK. I would give it a 7 out of 10. It keeps you reading, but it didn’t leave me with the need  to read the next one. I’m OK not knowing what happens next.