The Lunar Chronicles

Fairest by Marissa Meyer

I absolutely loved The Lunar Chronicles, all of them. It is one of my favorite series of recent years. So, of course, Fairest has been on the list for quite a while now… but as I don’t expect to see any Iko at all, and very little Cinder if any at all… it wasn’t moved to the top at all.

Well, now it is due. And I’m really looking forward to it. There should be a good dose of royal and family drama. Almost like watching  a new season of The Crown…

…but on the moon…

… and with mind powers…

… and without Prime Ministers.

So… nothing like The Crown, I imagine.


I think this collection is a MUST-HAVE for all those who read and enjoyed the whole Lunar Chronicles books series.
It gave me a better view of the characters and even added more feeling with new characters and situations that I hadn’t thought about before. It was exactly what I  needed to get over my huge book hangover.
I feel like I can calmly move on to the next book now, without my mind taking me back to the Earthen Union at the most unexpected moments.

I’m extra encouraged by the fact that this one makes the fourth book I’ve checked-marked this year, and it’s barely half-way through February!! Talk about a good start for my goals this year!

I must mention, thou, that this reading spree might be interfering with all my other goals and things-to-be-done… Like sleeping!! So, even when I don’t thing it is a rhythm I can keep (nor should try to), I DO feel enthused by this start.

The Mechanic

It hadn’t occurred to me to think that by the time Kai met Cinder, he was already dealing with a lot of s**t… From his dad getting sick and his eminent emperor-ship, and the Lunars descending on him and threatening him with war or marriage… And how unsettling it must have been for him to meet this girl he’s so attracted to right at this moment in his life.

Only to turn out that she is not only a cyborg, but a lunar… Right when he mistrusts the later the most.

How confused must he had been.

The Princess and the Guard.

I have always found that there are few things sadder that watching someone you love vanish slowly right in front of your eyes.
Be it by loosing themselves to grief, madness, or even to someone else’s whims… It’s always tremendously sad.

But it is hard to decide who has it worst… Jacin that watches his beloved princess/best-friend loose herself to the lunar sickness out of a conviction he respects… Or Winter, aware that she was loosing her mind while watching her loved one sacrifice himself and everything he once dreamed of only to stay with her and help her.

Sadness all around.

Carswell’s guide to being lucky

It’s good to know that he was never blind to what he was doing. He wasn’t one of those who justified his actions to himself in order to sleep better, nor one of those who aren’t even aware that they use people for their own purposes.

He knew it was shameful, and he kept on doing it anyways. His goal was THAT important to him.

I think there’s something to be said about that.