Bound for the loony-bin


Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

The best one of the three, I have to say.

The time-loop thing bothered me all along for the first book, and I still think it might have been an unnecessary complication, but I guess it kind of made sense at the end.

What I did like was the fast pace of this book. It was an excellent last part: lots of action and complications, very few slow parts and new characters, and everything having a somewhat satisfactory explanation.

Jacob and Emma never seem to stop and everything happens in the span of a couple of days, really. That makes the reading very exciting, and the few new characters we get are either very shallow or compliment previous events and explanations.

My favorite part was the ending. It felt right.


it would t have been right for Jacob to simply stick around Peculiardom and forsake his parents without regard to their feelings… specially when he was worried about in bursts all along the second book… I think he had to go back home. If only to be sent packing to the loony-bin.

And, of course! What kind of parent would they be if they didn’t worry about the mental health of their teenage son who ran away in a foreign country only to show back up without any reasonable exploitation. It wouldn’t sound right if the threat of incarceration in an asylum hadn’t been there.

And even better, until the last minute when everything looked lost, Jacob takes everything like a grownup. He knows he did this and it is willing to live with the consequences of his actions. Very mature.

“There was an iron will inside me, I knew that now, and I hope I could hang on to it even as my life grew softer”

I imagine some would have liked the happy/sappy ending best, where Jacob simply stuck around to be with the girl he loves (even when she used to be in love with his grandpa -talk about disturbing), but I think that would have been weird too. She is over a hundred years old, after all.

That relationship did sound a bit worrisome all along. At least by the end of the book it felt more optional.

We don’t learn much about the fate or future of the Peculiars, but as this was the story of Jacob, I don’t think it really mattered.


One last thing that I loved and needs to be mentioned:

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