Travel reading

This year’s spring break was way more exciting than any in recent years, but it also involved a lot of airport time and time sitting in buses and trains. And, most importantly, a lot of time unplugged.

Of course, I wouldn’t survive anywhere without my books, or at least something to read, but thankfully I don’t need internet to use my e-reader.

And now comes the quick catch up. Feel free to go back and check out all the stuff that jut magically appeared with last week dates.


Grownup spring break

I remember those days, back when I was in college, that we’re all about spending the days on the beach and sleeping way too much. At least that’s what my Spring vacations used to be all about.

But now, I’m an adult… Or at least, I try to impersonate one most days.. So, my 2 weeks off work aren’t as they used to be back then.

To start with, the week leading to it is full with extra work that need to be done beforehand… That included extra appointments and prep work to pile p and leave waiting, as well as cleaning and tiding up for the company that was surely coming.

One of the things about the Beachside life I enjoy is that my siblings siblings come visiting whenever the opportunity present itself. Spring vacations is usually one of those times.

So, some of the time leading up to the break, had to be used to clean up and set up the guest rooms for them. And one of the time off I get has to be used to spend time with the family and be a good hostess.

The downside? All this cuts into my reading time. And as much a I looked forward to the free time to read more, I end up actually having less. Isn’t that ironic?