“He wouldn’t be caught with bare feet in an emergency. He had slightly more dignity than that”

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey


“(…)The world is changing, and we either change with it or we perish”.

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey

“(…) sharing living quarters with four other people had corroded the integrity of her personal boundaries to the point where they hardly existed” .

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey

The Girl at Midnight series

I still have a long flight to go. Who says there is t a bright side to transoceanic flight? You get a lot of uninterrupted reading time?? What can be better?

Just adding coffee? They do that, too.

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey

So, let get in with it. If I remember right, turns out that the mysterious object the main character was actually searching for was herself and the self-awareness that she has the power to bring and end to the long war between two species.

So, this should be interesting.