Storming the castle


A: “What’s the signal?”

J: “Them dying or me getting sot. Whichever happens first”.


Pack of Lies by Annie Bellet


A ‘Sheldon’ moment?

The Martian by Andy Weir

VK: “Are you sure about this?”

RP: “Absolutely!”

VK: “Have you told anyone else?”

RP: “Who would I tell?”

VK: “I don’t know. Friends?”

RP: “I don’t have any of those”

VK: “Okay, keep it under your hat”.

RP: “I don’t wear a hat”.

VK: “It’s just an expression”.

RP: “Really? It’s a stupid expression”.

VK: “Rich, you’re being difficult”.

RP: “Ah. Thanks”.